Business Support

MidTown Cleveland, Inc. offers a wide range of ombudsman services to our stakeholders.  Our ombudsman services are designed to provide area stakeholders access to valuable resources that help improve your bottom line.  We respond to a wide range of requests that include: engaging assistance from the City of Cleveland, addressing code violations, helping you connect with your neighbors, supporting your business expansion or relocation to MidTown Cleveland.

Programs, Services and Initiatives

 Storefront Renovation Program

The Storefront Renovation Program assists targeted neighborhood retail districts in becoming attractive, economically viable, and diverse places to shop. The program helps fund the rehabilitation/renovation of (primarily) traditional storefront building exteriors including:

  • Bringing them into Building Code compliance
  • Correction of maintenance items and code violations
  • Renovation of architectural/historic details
  • Site improvements
  • Design and installation of new signage

The Storefront Program offers financial incentives (rebate or loan) combined with free City design assistance to applicants considering an exterior rehabilitation of a commercial structure. If the project is located in a retail Target Area, then the applicant is eligible to receive a rebate of 40% of the eligible project cost not to exceed a maximum rebate of $25,000. The Rebate Program requires the applicant to pay for all construction costs in full within a one-year contract timeframe before receiving a rebate.  

Contact Alyson Cameron at 391-5080 x 101 or

Design Review

To ensure strong property values and enhance the character and visual image of MidTown Cleveland, certain proposals for construction, exterior alterations, building demolitions and signs must undergo a process known as “design review”.  Within the Euclid Corridor Design Review District, all new construction and exterior alterations to buildings and structures are subject to design review.  Our dedicated staff representative assists stakeholders through the process. 

Contact Alyson Cameron at 391-5080 x 101 or

Cleveland Industrial Retention Initiative (CIRI)

Mayor Jackson's initiative CIRI is designed to provide support to existing Cleveland businesses. CIRI representatives are business liaisons to City Hall, each handling different sections of the city. They help with expansion/hiring needs, drainage issues, street/lighting conditions, and other city-related issues. They have an outreach program for commercial and industrial businesses, and during visits, they provide information about city programs and connect businesses to economic development staff for financial and technical assistance.   

Contact Carm Kelly at 391-5080 x 100 or

Code Enforcement/Visual Quality

Our visual quality efforts are designed to enhance neighborhood aesthetics and increase community pride, civic engagement and, ultimately, property values.  Throughout the year, we assist stakeholders in keeping our area’s open spaces and streetscapes clean and appealing through MidTown’s code enforcement, volunteer clean-up events and lawn care programs. 

To find out more about our Prospect Maintenance Program or to report graffiti, potholes, illegal dumping, abandoned cars, illegally parked cars, etc., please contact Carm Kelly at 391-5080 x 100 or

Camera Community

MidTown Cleveland, Inc. and the Cleveland Police have teamed up to inventory existing security cameras in MidTown and build a “Camera Community” that will be used to fight crime.  Here is how it works. If you have a security camera, we would like to include it in a database of available cameras that can be assessed if an incident occurs in the vicinity of your property. The more video imagery we can collect, the more likely the police will be able to get a facial image, license plate or other information that can help lead to the arrest and conviction of a criminal.

If you have external cameras and want to participate in this program, please contact Carm Kelly at 216-391-5080 x 100 or

Dusk to Dawn Security Program

Tenable and MidTown Cleveland have teamed up to offer you the opportunity to participate in the MidTown Cleveland “Dusk to Dawn” Security Program.   Here is how the MidTown Cleveland “Dusk to Dawn” Security Program works:    If 65 MidTown Cleveland stakeholders contract with Tenable Protective Services, Inc. for their individual alarm response needs, Tenable will provide the following services: 

• A uniformed armed Security/Patrol Officer, an off duty Cleveland Police Officer or a Tenable Select Patrol Officer will patrol the MidTown Cleveland Service area exclusively in a marked security vehicle from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 a.m. seven days a week.

Here is what the MidTown Cleveland “Dusk to Dawn” Security Program Provides to you:
In return for contracting with Tenable Protective Services, Inc. for one-year of service at a cost of $50.00 per month and $35.00 per actual alarm response, you will receive the following benefits:

• The dedicated MidTown Cleveland vehicle will rapidly respond to your property and conduct an exterior and interior check of the facility. Alarm notification will be made to your designated security contact and the Cleveland Police and an incident report will be prepared and shared with you and MidTown Cleveland, Inc. for record purposes. 

If you are considering participating in this program please contact Carm Kelly  at 216-391-5080, ext. 100 or for more information.