Innerbelt Reconstruction Project

Based on the firm belief that planned Innerbelt project removal of the existing Carnegie and Prospect Avenue ramp system will negatively impact business growth and economic development, MidTown Cleveland, Inc. filed a Federal Complaint on behalf of our stakeholders. Joined by Acme Express, Inc. and Save Our Access, MidTown Cleveland, Inc. initiated legal action against the United States Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) seeking to prohibit the expenditure of federal funds for work in the Innerbelt Trench until a complete analysis is conducted to determine the true economic impact of the proposed Innerbelt Trench access changes.

Within the past two years, MidTown Cleveland, Inc., FHWA and ODOT have worked cooperatively to achieve a settlement. At the end of 2011, MidTown Cleveland, Inc. announced that ODOT agreed to jointly undertake a comprehensive economic impact study that will re-evaluate the closure of the existing Carnegie and Prospect Avenue ramps. The study is underway and will provide information on the link between the growing MidTown area and rapidly developing Cleveland Health-Tech Corridor.