Programs & Services

To ensure continued business and job growth in MidTown Cleveland, we advocate for your concerns and protect your interests. A few examples of how we support stakeholders include: acting to preserve the Innerbelt ramp access, communicating with the City, County and State to secure resources and working to address the needs of our stakeholders. 

Our ombudsman services are designed to provide our stakeholders access to valuable resources that help improve your bottom line. We respond to a wide range of requests that include: engaging assistance from the City of Cleveland, reporting code violations, helping you connect with your neighbors or supporting your business expansion or relocation to MidTown.

Our neighborhood is comprised of 600 businesses, 18,000 employees, 2,000 residents and thousands of daily customers, commuters and visitors. Various yearly events include our annual Block Party and Security Fair, Spring Beautification Day, MidTown Chow Downs featuring local food trucks, the MidTown HealthLine Classic 10K/5K Race and the MidTown Holiday Party.

Our visual quality efforts are designed to enhance neighborhood aesthetics and increase community pride, civic engagement and, ultimately, property values. Throughout the year, we assist stakeholders in keeping our area’s open spaces and streetscapes clean and appealing through MidTown’s code enforcement, volunteer clean-up and lawn care programs.

We work on your behalf to maintain a safe environment for your business, employees and customers. Our security initiative is a cooperative effort between MidTown Cleveland, Inc., the Cleveland Police Department, Tenable Protective Services, business and property owners, tenants and employees. This collaboration results in MidTown ranking as one of the safest areas in Cleveland on an annual basis.

To ensure strong property values and enhance the character and visual image of MidTown, certain proposals for construction, exterior alterations, building demolitions and signs in the City of Cleveland must undergo a process known as “design review.” Within the Euclid Corridor Design Review District, all new construction and exterior alterations to buildings and structures are subject to design review. Our dedicated staff representative assists stakeholders through this process.